Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's sunny out, I need to get some sun!

Okay, today I’m supposed to be catching up on things but I don’t feel like I’m catching up just getting further and further behind really or maybe just realizing how far behind I am no not really behind just overwhelmed, especially sitting here in a chair that’s not so comfortable for me, my body hurting everywhere but what I want to write about before I go outside, yes outside -- it’s warm outside, spring I guess -- way too warm inside, probably outside will be better so that’s where I should be going, okay I have to get outside!

But what I want to write about first is my great day yesterday, yes a great day!-- in case I don’t get a chance to write about it later, so here‘s a summary:

I’m on my way to a meeting with a publisher, and just as I’m imagining how late I’m going to be I realize that of course I can transfer trains in Brooklyn (the benefit of having lived in New York, I actually know how to get places if I think about it). Then I’m actually early, and I run until Bob Kohler on the street, he’s a radical queer activist who’s been around in New York City for generations (he recently turned 80, even -- congratulations!). Bob Kohler on gentrification: I’d rather have the rapist than the yuppies.

Then the publishing meeting is GREAT, afterwards I sit on a stoop on 8th Avenue in the sun, too hot really but still enjoying getting some sun, afterwards an amazing feldenkrais session and then I have dinner with Donna Minkowitz, a brilliant writer who is now turning her memoir into magical realism, all memoirs should be magical realism that way they’d be more honest! Then I try my best to find cruising since it’s still over 60 degrees out I’m sure, nothing in my old favorite Stuyvesant Park except actually a straight couple getting in on, then the Phoenix just in case the bathroom is doing something but no, onto the Blue Door porn theater and I end up having fun in a way-to-crowded little video booth room, although I’ve brought the crowd! Back at Carrie’s too late to get in the front door without waking her (doorperson leaves at 2 a.m., I don’t have the front door key but I arrive at 1:58 a.m., oh well).

More later, first I need to do the dishes, stretch, take a shower, get dressed, go outside for some sun…

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