Sunday, March 25, 2007

More and more and more and more

Where I’m staying in Brooklyn Is about a 40 minute ride on the subway into Manhattan, which I’ll admit does feel kind of like a commute but at least the subway is temperate today, the only problem is that I’m locked in this train with everybody’s terrible cologne. I like the new floors -- black with gray, tan, blue specks -- and also watching everyone in our different worlds. In spite of all of the cologne or maybe because of that I’m nervous about eating so close to everyone -- people get all upset about vegan food, meanwhile this guy comes on playing guitar and singing a Pink Floyd song I think and as soon as the subway comes out of the tunnel just about every person on the train except the guy playing guitar and the littlest kids -- every other person on the train takes out their cellphone as we’re emerging out into the grandeur and decay of downtown.

I finally get the updated dosage of my homeopathic remedy, I’m thinking it’s going to help me sleep through the night which it kind of does, except the next day I’m feeling more exhausted than ever, body in so much pain especially shoulders aching then after walking way too far to Prospect Park to see the sun my hips hurt too and I’ve already decided not to go to Manhattan today, try and rest except now I haven’t really rested just hurt myself-- I could have stood out in the sun right around the corner from where I’m staying but I had more ambitious plans, oh well. Maybe the homeopathic remedy is making me more in tune with how I’m feeling, that’s probably what’s happening I need to rest for a while, I mean I’m resting a bit more since I’m here in New York not moving around every few days but that just makes me realize how much rest I need-- more and more and more and more.

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