Friday, March 30, 2007

What am I doing up so late, I mean on the computer instead of winding down? (The timestamp is three hours early, still giving West Coast realness). I was trying to catch up on everything, but catching up on everything doesn’t exactly seem possible. At least I’m in a good mood -- waking up was not so good, sinus headache drill, shoulders like a collection of bruises, tension everywhere even in a soft and comfortable bed, do I have to get up? Okay, I wanted to write about the make/shift reading, a conversation with Carrie about looking at the map on the subway, plus the woman on the street who said what do you call that look? But it will all have to wait until tomorrow, this cat looks so patient in the picture although now he thinks it’s morning and time for food or something, he’s pacing and meowing -- sorry, honey, that’s a different human who feeds you!


grantatee said...

oh, that cat is cute.

and after i got off the phone with you last night i found a workaholics meeting AND i found the direct quote from mark leno at the CUAV benefit:

'when people deny us marriage licenses, they are saying we don't love in equal fashion to heterosexual couples.' leno called this 'an attack on our humanity' and said that the message that this sends to the broader community is that these people don't matter. 'young people are listening and watching, and when they get the message from their president and some of their religious leaders and other people in positions of visibility and respect who are saying we don't measure up, it sends a message that we are fair game, second class citizens, and that's when violence happens against our community.'

oh, and did you know CUAV presented Kamala Harris a 'champion for change' award?!!?

mattilda a.k.a. matt bernstein sycamore said...

Hi Grant--

I so do love in equal fashion to heterosexual couples, I mean I really really really really really really really really do. Really. Really really. If I could just get married then there would be no more violence, right?

Tough-on-crime attorney generals like Kamala always deserve awards for locking up more people of color and poor people, etc., but what about the lovely visionary nonprofits like CUAV?

Love --