Friday, April 06, 2007

From feldenkrais to the Crew Club...

(This is the image from Baltimore that wouldn't upload the other day)

Notes after my DC feldenkrais session, which was AMAZING -- the practitioner suggested noting what felt different at the end, so here is a list: a brightness in my eyes, sparkle; my vision feels wider, like I can see in multiple directions at once -- a larger field around me; my breath moves in all directions -- up, down, front, back; I can feel my body supported on my sit bones; my arms sway more when I walk, pelvis more from side to side; in general I feel more open to the sensing the world around me, if that makes sense.

A meeting with my mother, here’s what she says about almost getting lost trying to find where I’m staying: nobody would ever see me again, not that that would be a problem -- I mean I can’t see, obviously I need glasses and don’t tell me why I’ve put it off for so long. “Liberal” racism-- my mother says: why is everyone in this neighborhood black? (as opposed to the all-white neighborhoods she’s used to).

And a visit to an incredibly overpriced DC sex club, where yes the only TV in the place, which dominates the central sitting area -- yes that TV is blasting Fox News. When I start asking rhetorically why they’re playing this right-wing garbage, everyone looks away. I’m in danger of walking around in circles too long doing nothing, until I finally actually get it on in the endless slate steamroom, everyone’s watching me getting my face pounded until it’s too hot I mean warm too and I go with the guy into his room, after fixing my hair of course which he promptly messes up again -- that’s okay, it gets really intimate and sweet especially hugging and making out at the end, he says you’re beautiful.


Katy said...

I was in the grocery store picking out some portabella mushrooms the other day, and this girl comes up to me and says, "Hey, this might be really weird, but I have some portabellas I bought at a farmers' market the other day and now I'm going out of town and don't want to waste them. Do you want them?" So I said okay, and she starts digging around in her bag and says, "oh, I hope they haven't gotten squished under my copy of Nobody Passes!"

And it made me smile.

mattilda a.k.a. matt bernstein sycamore said...

Oh Katy, that's a beautiful anecdote, tears in my eyes-- thanks so much for telling me, and keep in touch!