Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New York, New York -- Inside the Blue Door Theater

(Wouldn't it be great if the ceiling looked like this?)
Okay, so there’s this guy staring through a glory hole at my dick for like 10 minutes probably although time in a video booth is both slower and faster, so who knows how long it is really -- he doesn’t move back, so all I can see is his lips and part of his nose, every now and then his eyes -- his lips are big and juicy, but I’m not really that into glory holes, I’d rather he knock on my door so I can let him in. On the other side of meis some guy jerking off, first he was right next to me and his hands were very rough I mean a lot of dried skin and I couldn’t tell whether I found him sexy either -- now he’s in the corner jerking off, I hear him moaning so I bend down to see, actually there’s come dripping out of his cock -- that’s sexy for sure, I bend down further to see and he’s kind of scenester-looking because he’s kind of young with the full facial stubble, I should’ve gone for him for sure, that come should be in my mouth is what I’m saying-- oh well.
I lean down so I can give him a hot smile of thanks but then he’s gone and the guy from the other side is in his room-- he’s cute too, actually -- pulls down his jeans and he’s totally hard, I say come in here with me but he’s shy or something. Or something would be the word, that’s for sure. He says let’s just jerk off. I say why don’t you come over here and suck my cock? He says they might kick me out. I say not if we put money in the machine.

Finally he goes into the hallway, I open the door and motion for him to come inside but he’s still doing the shy thing, I have to practically pull him in. He’s one of those preppy types with bushy hair and he’s nervous, doesn’t want to get sucked or do any sucking although I’m not sure what else he was gonna do before, lips pressed against a hole. He’s embarrassed now, I guess. Middle class respectability -- that’s the way the girls are in New York video booths, I mean the middle class or upper class girls who just feel like they shouldn’t be doing this terrible thing -- I don’t know why they can’t just leave that shit behind -- I mean, if you’re going to suck guys’ dicks through a hole, then you should be able to do it up close and personal too, right? Anyway, I’m grabbing his balls and pretty soon he’s about to come, really I can’t tell you why I don’t get right on my knees to suck him off at that moment but I guess it’s because even though that’s what he wants I don’t want to deal with his guilt afterwards. Actually, what he wants is my cock down his throat, but whatever. He comes, then he’s literally saying something that starts with him telling me about how now he has his freedom because he broke up with his boyfriend but it’s so dirty. I try to hug him anyway, he can’t deal.

Then there’s someone else who’s nervous that the guy working there is going to kick him out or something-- who cares? But at least he’s sucking my dick although he’s not very good at it -- he just wants to stay on his knees and talk about how much he likes my cock and I’m bored, but I try to get more interested or something but then it’s too hot really I mean warm I’m sweating, so I say thanks and he’s sweet and grateful and I try to hug him too but I guess he’s not feeling the hug either -- not guilty like the other one or standoffish either, just in some other zone. Then I’m back out in the rain.


James said...

This is a GREAT blog entry! I went to the computer to look up some tax forms, and doing taxes gets me annoyed at the government. Reading blogs is more interesting, though I do like to discuss tax code and policy and how it can be changed to be more progressive and also changed for incentives for social good. I would support high gasoline (and other fossil fuel) taxes. And, "Self Employment", AKA "payroll", or "social security" taxes really annoy me. One is supposed to pay close to 15% in "self employment taxes" no matter how little one makes. An employee earning low wages, no matter how little they make always pay the 7.5% that is always deducted from their wages. (the employer pays an additional 7.5%). Read Schedule SE: people earning over $94,200.00 as an employee or as self employed people do not pay SE taxes or have social security witheld on amounts over $92,400. The talk of running out of money for social security and medicare. SE and social security taxes could be made progressive, like the rest of the income tax code....
Mattilda - do you have any comments about taxes, as you are involved promoting awareness of social issues and change for the good of society. You talk about gentrification of neighborhoods alot! The tax code affects that! The mortgage interest deduction for people who itemise their deductions on their 1040, I believe is a factor in rapidly rising real estate costs. I am against the mortgage interest deduction, but that is unlikely to change. The Realtors are a powerful lobby.
Yes, your blog entry today is just what I needed to read right now. Kind of like reading Pulling Taffy.
I will have more exciting activities later, myself: I have a date tonight with a man I met at the bar last week in this "small" town where I live.

mattilda a.k.a. matt bernstein sycamore said...

Hi James --

I'm glad you like this entry! I'm noticing some strange tendencies towards self-censorship on my part regarding talking about my own sexuality on this blog, but I will write something about that shortly...

As for taxes, I don't have much to say at the moment because I'm actually about to rush out of the house, and first I have to post my new blog entry -- have fun on your date!

Love --