Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rain rain rain rain rain

I’ve gotten to the point on the tour when I’m losing things -- first it was my beautiful fuchsia coat on the way from Philadelphia to DC, that was when it was 75° and humid out and I was trying to decide whether to go outside in just a t-shirt, or to put my shirt and sweater back on. I forgot all about the coat! Then I left my datebook in someone’s car on the way from Baltimore to DC, but luckily I got that back soon enough (thanks, Nick!) -- although I still haven’t transferred all the information, phone numbers and all of that, onto my computer -- better do that soon. Then I left two scarves and mittens at my grandmother’s house, and I still haven’t gotten around to calling her and asking her to send them -- luckily, I have two more scarves since I was prepared for Minnesota winter, and I grabbed some gloves right when I got to New York.

But the coat would be helpful today, when it’s pouring out and I’m on my way to the reading in Brooklyn -- luckily, I have a hooded wool sweatshirt, but that’s the only outer layer, I get to the reading in my pants are soaked, how annoying. It’s boiling in the store with all the heat and the person working doesn’t know much about the reading -- there were two people who were supposed to show up and replace her, but they’re not coming in. Eventually the owner, Sander, shows up to help set things up and introduce me and the reading goes well enough even though it’s a small crowd -- earlier in the tour, this would have disturbed me, but right now I realize that it’s because of the downpour + the event was only just announced, although they made great flyers in the store. Rocko reads and then the only question is from Sander, about where I’ve liked the best on my tour -- I can’t say that! I talk about what most surprised me, and also about the vulnerability and intimacy I’ve felt at various readings -- of course, I can’t help giving a plug to Toronto also. Afterwards, I socialize with friends who live nearby and Sander says I must have listened to a lot of Dead Kennedys because I remind him of Jello Biafra-- funny thing is that I haven’t really listened to that much of the Dead Kennedys at all, but now I will have to search out the comparison for sure.
Meanwhile, more pouring rain…

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