Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why am I so dehydrated?

I end up calling two different phone sex lines and talking way too late with people who are actually kind of interesting -- that’s why I’m up too late. The first guy is an exhibitionist who’s telling me about different public places in San Francisco where he’s had luck recently, mostly in the Castro were I never go so it’s kind of interesting. The problem is that we keep getting disconnected because we’re on the free line and you only have so long. He gives me his number but then it’s non-stop busy, but then I find the second guy who says he’d have sex with me just for my personality -- and this is on the line where usually you just say hello and then you hear the other person pushing any key to skip to the next caller!

Then it’s 6:30 a.m. before I’m in bed -- the sun is coming up but luckily I can’t see it because it’s cloudy outside and this apartment is below ground level anyway, no direct sun except for maybe 30 minutes around 2 p.m. At least I sleep okay, but then I wake up so incredibly dehydrated I mean I drink at least 6 pint glasses of water with lemon and still my throat is dry, like I have to drink 16 ounces of water in the middle of eating just to lubricate my system and we all know that’s the worst thing for digestion, my poor digestion!

Outside, I hear someone screaming loud like she’s on her cellphone -- she’s saying I talk all the time, I say things all the time -- I walk to the window to see what’s going on and it’s this preppy woman yelling at her boyfriend or whatever it’s kind of absurd and stereotypically gendered like some romantic comedy where she’s in the street screaming and he’s on the sidewalk trying to act calm. I open the door so I can hear better because if I look out the window they can see me, she’s yelling because he won’t express anything and he’s still talking softly and calm, something about how if he gets a text message from her and just starts crying, how is that going to help? She’s saying that would help, she wants him to react that’s normal people do things that’s what happens and it’s okay.

I don’t expect it at all but suddenly I’m crying and I close the door and come back here to write about it, while I’m writing I start crying again and choking on my food, my throat still too dry.

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