Sunday, May 27, 2007

Advice for cooking whole oats when you accidentally forget to turn them off before you go to bed

Use a sturdy cooking pot, that way the oats will burn all the way through but the pot won't be damaged so you won't have to deal with any smoke. Actually, it's quite possible that the five bites at the very top, the only part of the concoction that isn't burnt to a crisp and too hard to even get a spoon into -- it's quite possible that those five bites will make a delicious treat, a chewy delicacy, how moist and supple this sweet sensation! Not that it's worth burning a whole pot of oats, but I might as well enjoy the bright side, okay, the bright side is these five bites, okay 4 1/2 and then I have to put the whole thing in the sink to soak all day.

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