Thursday, May 17, 2007

Good news on the sofa frontier

Goodwill: I know it's completely fruitless, but I always look at the furniture, just in case. One of those big puffy brown ‘80s sectional sofas, just two sections: $120. A tiny formica dresser that leans in one direction: $110. But wait -- what is that gorgeous floral loveseat stuffed in the middle, no price tag? I ask one of the employees, she says oh I could give you that for $20.99. $20.99? -- are you kidding? It's one of those rare moments when I'm getting the queen-to-queen discount -- another moment when yes, maybe there is hope.Soon enough, Grant is over my house with a dolly to help me and I haven't even measured to see if the sofa fits in my windowsill so that I can create a mini-living room area with two floral sofas facing one another.

I don't even know if it fits into the elevator, or if Grant can wheel it over without someone else's assistance, but sure enough we get it to my front door, up the front stairs, into the elevator and then I'm certain that it’s way too big and I'll have to keep it away from the wall, making the room smaller, but then guess what? No, you won't believe it! It's the exact right size, curves right into the space where the bay window begins – it’s even comfortable!

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