Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A quick tour of some of the worst San Francisco gentrification atrocities

I don't know why they hold my mail hostage way in hell over by the Embarcadero, but the good news is that I leave early enough that I'm not even in a rush, I can study all of the gentrification condo atrocities that have cropped up at the very tip of South of Market where there used to be just warehouses, car repair shops and empty lots. Now there are glass towers competing for the best view of the highway -- okay, I'm sure you can see the bay and all that glitter that's around it too, as long as your windows don't reflect everything back into the corners of your eyes, ouch!

(This one might be offices, but the rest are definitely condos)

(40 stories, of course this one is called The Infinity)

Afterwards I'm waiting for the bus at the corner of 5th and Harrison, right by Blow Buddies, which sounds kind of fun at the moment except that they're not open this early in the week. And they probably wouldn't let me in anyway right now, given their compulsory masculinity dress code.


James said...

and I suppose the buyers of these condominiums get to deduct the mortgage interest payments if they itemise their deductions on their 1040. People who rent generally do not have enough deductions to itemise and have to accept the "standard" deduction. The mortgage interest deduction is very regressive in the tax code and contributes to the rising price of real estate at rates way faster than the inflation of prices of other things in the economy.

mattilda a.k.a. matt bernstein sycamore said...

I'm sure you're right, James -- thanks for the insight!

Love --