Friday, May 11, 2007

Sleep, that is, but not the good kind

I almost forgot about this dream:

I'm at my grandmother's house in Baltimore and she's just died -- I'm filled with this inconsolable grief that vibrates through the whole house like an extra dimension, where is all of this unexpected grief coming from? I want to see the body, the body's not there, I want to see the body. People are already fingering her objects, jewelry, art and when I walk into the hall, there is my father walking up the stairs -- I know what that is, that's a ghost -- I poke at the apparition to see my finger go through but it doesn't, I try again but it doesn't work and then I'm seized by this terrible panic that my father is just as alive while he's dead and this panic wakes me up from something I've just fallen back into -- sleep, that is, but not the good kind.

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