Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Verona Hotel, or maybe it's Hotel Verona

There's something about the sky in the middle of the day, right before it gets startlingly gorgeous you know like when the fog rolls in and the sun is lower but before that it’s just anticipation or not anticipation really because you don't even know that you're waiting but you are waiting anyway. I don't know why I'm starting with the sky when what I'm feeling is so much lower I mean in my head and it's already nighttime, not nighttime when the sky is so blue it's almost brighter than day but just nighttime inside looking at a few scattered lights, no not scattered -- most of the lights are in the Federal Building actually or in that somewhat tall subsidized housing building where people seem to stay up later, plus the hotel sign in neon red with green wrapping around the top part, HOT, you know hot, don't tell -- that's the Verona Hotel I think, it's a residence hotel on a crack-heavy block but they have a very glamorous lobby with all of the original wood, I saw this movie when I was visiting Berlin at the end of 2000 before I moved back to San Francisco and this guy in the movie lived at the Verona Hotel, San Francisco in the movie was this dark and desperate place where guys got killed at leather sex parties and stuff like that I just thought it was hilarious this pathologized sensationalism, I mean magnified to include everything but still a vision of San Francisco through the eyes of Berlin I saw the Verona Hotel or actually I think it's the Hotel Verona, that desk in the front lobby, I thought okay, I'm moving back.

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