Thursday, June 28, 2007

Here's a great review of Nobody Passes in Utne Reader...

“The Nobody Passes anthology boasts a diverse crew of contributors – including an ‘Okie,’ a sex worker, an Arab American, a former political prisoner, transgendered individuals, and many others – who offer fresh personal insights into evolving notions of identity based on gender, sexuality, race, and class. Many of the essays resemble candid conversations as authors discuss complicated negotiations of identity and community, making the book more enlightening than many others of its ilk. Frustration with competing identities is a recurring theme; as one contributor puts it, ‘The problem with being everything is that it mostly gets me a whole lot of nothing.’ The volume offers no easy solutions (there undoubtedly aren’t any), but it does put these long-overdue conversations within the mainstream’s reach.”
- Utne Reader

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