Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Next-door neighbors, I can appreciate these sounds

First it's the woman moaning, moaning, moaning for probably 30 or 40 minutes it goes on so long I stop noticing until I hear the guy grunt OHHHH or maybe it's more like ahHHHH or ohHNHHHahHHHH then it becomes a series I've got my ear pressed to the wall, ah ah aOhhh and then they're both giggling until I start thinking they can see me through the wall because of the shadow which I know doesn't make sense but still I'm thinking it.


steven said...

In the apartment in which I live, I can hear K & L doing it in K's bedroom. Of course, K's bedroom is located in the apartment next to mine. In order to get the most out of it, I sit on the top of the couch in the living room, press my ear against the wall, and hope that they don't hear me! I am always suspicious that they, or somebody, will see my reflection in the bay windows that look out into the backyard. Talk about guilt. It is terrible. But, fun.

mattilda a.k.a. matt bernstein sycamore said...

Oh, but no need for guilt -- just enjoy!

Love --