Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tension extension, my head

The bus at rush-hour, okay? Just don't take it! What the fuck am I doing on the bus at rush-hour? I mean, getting on at Union Square with all the tourists and the bus just started maybe five stops before and already it's so packed that people are squeezed all the way to the bottom of the steps, leaning against the door and when the door opens its slams up and hits people, then there are more people trying to squeeze on and the woman behind me is saying frantically: I need something to hold onto, I need something to hold onto!

It's ridiculous -- this isn't fucking New York, okay? There aren't that many people in San Francisco! Why can't there be more buses? There should be a fucking subway line on Geary, anyway -- not this packed bus polluting everything in sight, or even those tiny toy cars trying to pass as a subway but bypassing most of the city -- they aren't even underground most of the way, and then there’s that tired commuter rail BART thing with literally 8 stops in the city before speeding out to the suburbs, why don't we have an actual subway? It's embarrassing, truly embarrassing.

But what's even more embarrassing is that San Francisco has better public transportation than anywhere else in California, hands down, and pretty much every other city in the country except New York which is 100,000 times better but then you're living in New York. Forget it -- I'll stay on this cramped bus, slammed against the door -- I don't even have that far to go, I’d walk home if it wouldn't give me so much pain but whatever, here's my stop I'm getting off, even today during the heat wave the air is so much better than the best possible day in New York, I mean my sinuses are already throbbing from the pollution, knotting up into some kind of tension extension, my head.


Kathleen Bradean said...

Oh my god, Yes! Car culture is the ruin of California. It begets the sprawl, and the sprawl spawns more roads. It's not just a crime against nature(as it's carved by bulldozers and covered in cement) but a crime against humanity as well.
We've known that the freeways were causing problems, not solving them, since the 70's. So what did they do? They squandered the last best chance to install a really good public transportation system in LA and invested further into car culture. *rolls eyes*

mattilda a.k.a. matt bernstein sycamore said...

Hi Kathleen --

Yes, indeed! My new obsession is the high speed rail planned between San Francisco and LA -- if this were completed, the trip would only take two hours! Can you imagine that? And how much traffic and pollution would be eliminated!

Of course, it will probably not see the light of day, with the priorities around here...

Love --