Friday, June 22, 2007

This is a tiring day, a day, this tiring

Yes, a tiring day this tiring yes a day -- but yesterday was so so much worse, I'm grateful for today actually today was better until now when it's just like yesterday no not quite like yesterday because I did send out a book proposal YAY and wait I did a radio interview + I had a great conversation about queer gentrification so wait today was actually good maybe, I even went on a walk to a bookstore that often doesn't carry my books at all, and that seemed like the case this time too until I actually spotted Nobody Passes -- and I'm so easy to please, when the person working there was friendly and excited about me signing, well actually at that point my day was WONDERFUL, then the walk home took longer than expected I got so exhausted out there in the sun, thought I’d go out again but now I'm still here, writing these blurry sentences while my beans are boiling.

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