Monday, June 11, 2007

This Saturday, June 16 in San Francisco... WHY ARE FAGGOTS SO AFRAID?

Get your questions (and answers) ready, I'm looking forward to the discussion... And, I will also be debuting the call for submissions for my new anthology!!! Here's the show:


Curated by Mattilda a.k.a. Matt Bernstein Sycamore
Devastating performance, spoken word and troublemaking featuring Kirk Read, Seth Eisen, Nico Dacumos, Wickie Stamps, Thandiwe Thomas, and Logan Knight

Saturday, June 16, 7:30 p.m.
Jon Sims Center for the Arts
1519 Mission Street near 11th
$8-15, no one turned away for lack of funds
Click here to purchase tickets

As back rooms are shut down to make way for wedding vows, and gay sexual culture becomes little more than straight-acting dudes hangin’ out, where are the possibilities for a defiant faggotry that destroys the assimilationist norms of a world that wants us dead? It’s time for flaming challenges to masculinity, objectification and the desire to conform…

This sequel to last year’s packed event will feature brand-new work and a delicious discussion to follow the show.

This event is part of the National Queer Arts Festival, and is sponsored by the Queer Cultural Center and the San Francisco Foundation


steven said...

I am going to be a little brutal, but, Mattilda, I believe that fags are afraid of sex. And I believe that they are afraid of sex because they are horrified by the ideology of AIDS. Instead of using the horror of the ideology of AIDS, and all of the risks associated with radical behavior, and dangerous practices, as a stimulant to heighten sexuality, fags have turned to meth, stupidity, and, thus, conformity. Never has a generation of homosexuals acted so straight. And these straight-acting fags don't even have the guts to employ the best aspects of heterosexuality! Like sleeping with women! You know, fags used to fuck women, like, all the time! Where's the confusion? Where's the gender-fuck? Where are the fags unafraid of the horrors of their times? Stonewalled. That's right. Caught up in the discourse of 'nothing's wrong' and 'nothing happens'. Except, of course, at the shopping mall, or Banana Republic, where gay culture has risen to new, and unexpected, heights! They hold hands. They carry shopping bags. Sometimes they kiss in the street. Aw. And, now, even the GOP seeks their support. But, they do it discreetly. And you know what? Today's fag obliges. Accept me GOP! Accept me to persecute me. "I have joined their club, and they club me!" Hey. It's almost like a perverse form of S/M. This concludes this morning's rant by Steven Trull.

Thanks, Mattilda.

D. Travers Scott said...

Sounds hot, wish I could be there but am doing jailcell counselling for Paris right now. Have fun and give my best to Kirk and Wickie - xo Trav

mattilda a.k.a. matt bernstein sycamore said...

Steven, thanks for the rant, I love rants! And Trav, great to hear from you, good luck with Paris...


hospodarsky said...

can I also just say...where I live, it's really hard to be an out queer dyke faggot who is over 30. It's as if I were supposed to have grown up by now. *sigh* Since when is my queer dyke faggotry supposed to disappear as I get older?

mattilda a.k.a. matt bernstein sycamore said...

Sigh, indeed!!!! I say forget about growing up... who made those rules? I get tons of my inspiration from all of the less accepted faggotries (including my own, I guess).

Just bring it on, honey...