Sunday, July 15, 2007

Endorphins, yes endorphins

On the walk home it’s like nothing could touch me until the last two blocks, and by that time it's like nothing matters anyway. Sweat pouring down my face I'm starting conversations with everyone on the way it's like everything blurs an improvement or at least saying hi and waving. Dancing, that's what happened, dancing -- it's what I need, they advertised minimal techno but it was that pounding beat I would call it old-school techno but words, forget words it's that beat throwing me into stumbling so gracefully, turn, fall, feel everything spinning the way you watch people's moves and build into, away from them the walls even I love the walls when I'm dancing the beat I'm dancing the beat.

Oh, and at the end when that guy came up and said thanks for dancing with me, I'm guessing straight guy doing the raver jock thing oh that was so sweet I mean I wasn't exactly dancing with him except that I dance with everyone, I'm aware of the bodies in the room and how I'm going to interact until I'm not aware and then I'm aware again.

Okay, so now we just have to hope that tomorrow everything doesn't hurt too much, I mean that everything tomorrow isn't just hurting, okay? Please, can we just hope for that?

But the endorphins, like I'm asleep and awake at the same time because of all of the sensation in and under my skin.

And if anyone has dancing ideas, here's what I'm looking for:

yes, that pounding beat, some sort of pounding beat
no smoke at all, not even smoke outside that blows into the club or it'll ruin my life I don't want that I'm trying to feel better not worse
the best would be somewhere near my house in the Tenderloin, so I can walk and then walk home too and not have to pay for two cabs so I don't hurt myself even more or get more exhausted, but I'm open to other ideas too
preferably a low-key crowd, I actually prefer places where I know no one, that's what I'm used to for dancing

Okay, time for bed yes definitely time for bed I'm wondering what sleep.

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