Friday, July 20, 2007

The new strategy

My mother: I'm trying to get everything in place in the new apartment, I've never had a place that's been totally done -- the house was always overwhelming. My mother: Is there a reason you haven't called Rose? I'd like you to stay in touch with her. My mother: I had the lighting redone, it was 2000 which isn't bad -- now I just need a rug. My mother: You're not saying much.

Me: I'm tired. My mother: I'm tired too.

Which makes it worse -- that my mother echoes me like we're on the same page, in the same boat, riding the same wave, on the same path, in this thing together, on the same wave length, riding it out together, going to the same church. The truth is that I am tired, but also it's like as soon as she starts talking my mood sinks so far my eyes could close and stay closed, or they'd stay closed and I'd think they were open, so what's the point?

Rose: I wouldn't do a painting just to sell, so I wouldn't expect you to do a book just to sell, but you could make money I mean a lot of money because novels will be the in thing -- people are bored with movies, television is horrible, people are getting back to reading -- not yet, but they're starting to -- oh, I'm getting tired.

I don't even want to talk about that time of the day when everything's pain again, like I could do nothing or anything and it will only get worse anyway -- I want to talk about the new strategy for dancing, okay? Here it is: five minutes the first week, six minutes the second, seven the third -- you get the point. Until I get to 20 minutes -- then I can go out again. I know that's a while from now, I mean I really wanted to go out last night, but Donna made a good point: she said even a professional athlete wouldn't go right up to exercising for 30 minutes, they'd start with five the first week, six the second, seven the third -- you see where I get this idea, let's just hope it works.

But why don't I go out until I get to 20 minutes? Well, there's no way I could go out dancing for five minutes, okay? This week's dancing song is -- okay, the title is terrible, it's "Piano Playa Hata,” by Wagon Christ but the song is really nothing but brilliance, it goes like this: a screeching noise, mumbling British accent voice, a few beats and then something about a wasteland in the background, but really it's those beats -- oh there’s the screeching again, we love the screeching with the beats and then here comes this: dee dah da da da duh, I mean I'm trying to mimic the sound, another vocal: this is a waste now, this is a waste now -- oh that breathing, a little break. Just a little one, this is when you're used to the whole thing and it slows to a stop, the keyboard drum type thing is slower, now more irregular but then back to the screeching and now it's that bass beat and more waste now, always more waste now.


adam said...

rx gallery tonight.

mattilda a.k.a. matt bernstein sycamore said...

How mysterious -- did you know that's where I went dancing last week? Were you there? I'm not supposed to go dancing for a few months now, but I'll admit I'm tempted -- perhaps I will just sit on the sidelines and absorb the sound...

Love --

adam said...

it was The Field a Stockholm electro house dj... soooo amazing... i danced till the sun came up.

mattilda a.k.a. matt bernstein sycamore said...

Oh, that sounds beautiful... unfortunately I was in too much pain to go out, but keep me posted about future excitement!

Love –