Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Poking the pointy leaves with my spongy fingertips

Chris says I'm wired, and maybe he's right -- but I wasn't wired until he got here -- I don't hang out with people that often, I mean with people I like. I mean with people.

Then Chris leaves, and for a few minutes I feel calm, sitting on the sofa next to my new plant that Chris helped me rescue from the entryway -- it was just sitting there in a pot with no soil, waiting -- a foil? Chris says it's a snake plant, that's what it's called but also he's angry at it because the soil clogged my drain, then he had to water the plant in the bathtub and he hurt his shoulder picking it up. His shoulder was already hurting, it started when he did a forearm stand in yoga so he hasn't gone to yoga in two weeks. I can't believe all the yoga I'm missing, he says, and I'm laughing.

Why are you laughing, Chris says -- it's how I deal with the world. I know, I say. Of course I'm trying to be supportive, but also I can't help thinking that two weeks just doesn't feel like anything anymore, I mean exercise is how I used to deal with the world too, but I haven't been able to exercise regularly for years now. Maybe I resent that two weeks feels like too long for Chris, I mean he feels like he's rotting away and what does that say about me?

But then Chris is gone, and my sinus headache is back. Maybe it was already there, I mean here -- but I just didn't notice. I sit next to my plant, poking the pointy leaves with my spongy fingertips. These leaves seem so strong.


JordanV said...

Hello Mathilda
I dont think that is a spider plant (those plants that send off little shoots I beleive are spider plants). I will see if I can remimber the acuel name. I have one in my bathroom. It seems to like the steam in there!
I saw you in Seattle on your Nobody Passes book tour at Bailey Coy Books. You were swell.
Read about writing submissions.I am a VERY fledgling writer and do admire when a publisher says yes to someone with talent. Maybe someday..if I could just find that talent thing..mmmm.I may take a shot at sending some piece for submission. Bye for now.

mattilda a.k.a. matt bernstein sycamore said...

Hi Jordan --

Thanks so much for writing!

Spider plants, yes I remember those -- the ends of the leaves always turn brittle and brown, but this one I was told is a snake plant -- thicker, firmer leaves...

And absolutely do feel free to send a submission my way if you're inspired!

Love --

Joel A. Nichols said...

dear mattilda,

that is a lovely snake plant (mother-law's-tongue for a more colorful and (maybe?) anti-marriage name; it's "real" name is sansevieria). anyway--pretty stripes and lovely sunlight in that room!


mattilda a.k.a. matt bernstein sycamore said...

Hi Joel --

Thanks so much for all this naming information -- and I'm glad you like the sunlight in the room, yes it's quite lovely here -- even on this weird humidity global warming drama day it's not overly hot in my apartment, except for some reason while I'm sitting at this computer...

Love --