Sunday, July 29, 2007

Thank you again, Perverts Put Out!!!

The most emotional moment for me comes when Carol Queen reads an excerpt from The Leather Daddy and the Femme, it's the moment when Randy’s cock is exposed as a strap-on, after Randy’s participated in a lengthy gangbang and then passed out from all of the excitement/exertion, only to wake up smelling like piss and ready to shower with clothes on so as to continue passing, but one of the other guys says it's okay, she can take off the rest of the clothes and what's amazing is that this moment of exposure also becomes a moment of transcendence for everyone involved, which is kind of what Perverts Put Out is like -- I enjoy almost the entire three hours of this show, which says a lot because there's no ventilation at CounterPulse where it takes place, there's an enormous line for the bathroom but some sweet guy points out a nice spot across the street and even watches from the distance to make sure no interference arrives -- there's definitely something sexy about that. There's something sexy about the energy of the crowd in general, the way gender, sexuality and transgression mold themselves into surprising realms of excitement and attraction.

Also all of the lovely encouragement I'm getting about my new novel, which gives me energy to work on more edits when I get home, it actually feels fun again -- the process, I mean. I'd like to write more about all the brilliant performers like I did last time -- we share this space of creation and exploration, the place we’re making in this world that is something San Francisco could be, would be without everything else always on attack. But Perverts Put Out gives me a little bit of hope for what is also possible. I would write more, but right now it's time to get ready for bed.

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