Thursday, July 26, 2007

A whole day out

(The crane towering above my old building)

I get outside just as it's getting dark, but I'm excited because it's a foggy day, yes fog all day but then I get outside and it’s still humid. Gross. I walk about eight blocks, to deposit a check in the bank, and by the time I get there I'm so exhausted I don't even know how I'm going to get home.

Hearing music from someone's apartment up above, that brings me to this maudlin sadness that approaches hopelessness but it's almost comforting maybe because there's music, bad music but still music so I can choreograph disaster, I'm thinking that I'm just hypoglycemic, even though I ate right before leaving the house this is what happens.

In the magazine store, my feet feel like they're squeezed inside my shoes, the tops of my arches burning, and this guy leans over and says are you a hairstylist? No, I say, and smile. At least this is some form of connection. He looks up at my hair -- that must take a lot of time. He's looking at the issue of W with a David Beckham photo shoot, the one where Beckham’s ass is up in the air and I have to admit I'm curious. On the way out, I pick it up off the magazine rack, oh the photo shoot is David and Victoria Beckham because they're moving to LA but this photo shoot is in Spain. The best part is the text afterwards, David talks about when he first saw Victoria, who was Posh Spice at the time, she was in a catsuit on TV and he said: that girl there, that's the one I'm gonna marry.

I'm brought back to reality, out the door thinking about all the disgusting things people parade in front of the world as romance and then when eventually I get home I feel like I've been away forever or not really but definitely like I've had a whole day out -- it's probably been about an hour, though.

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