Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mannequins for sale

I've already gone to the Nob Hill Theatre once today, I thought maybe the trick was to go around 5 p.m., right after people get off work, but that wasn't the trick.

The point is that I don't want to go there again, but I want to cruise somewhere. I decide just to walk around, that's the way I'd like to cruise but I guess if you walk around at 2 a.m. on a Friday night then what you get instead is -- well, the first person: did someone say gay, I mean I thought I heard someone say gay! The second person: the problem with this place is that they let gay people like that walk around at night. But the third person saves it a little, he says: I like that pink, that's not sissy pink it's flaming pink.

Well, it is sissy pink and it is flaming pink, okay? Then someone likes my belt, thanks -- this is all on one crowded block, I'll admit that I like all the energy, even if it's mostly drunk suburbanites trying to figure out where to continue partying. I walk up Polk Street and it's sort of okay -- more drunk suburbanites, but someone selling glass and several tweakers with bikes that have flashing lights -- until I get to the old Acorn Books space -- the other day I was wondering what it was going to be, since they've painted the outside black -- maybe some sort of nightspot? But tonight I get closer.

This really is the end. At least two doors down there are mannequins for sale. I wish they would consolidate the two spaces.


matty said...

Everything is for sale. Polk is no longer really Polk. Polk'd out.

I'm about to move to Oakland. We found a cool loft space for rent. ...on the cheap.

never thought i would leave SF, but SF isn't feeling so much like SF to me anymore.

oddly, aside from the weather, SF is starting to remind me of the Back Bay. Well, maybe it isn't that bad.

Oakland is feeling a bit more real. Just not sure I will like it when I get there.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

You're right -- San Francisco is not San Francisco anymore, but no -- did you just say Back Bay, anything but Back Bay! Oh, no -- not Back Bay!!!!

I hide out in my apartment a lot...

Good luck in Oakland -- I certainly hope it works out!

Love --