Friday, August 17, 2007

A stain for his reign

Tonight I'm on the way to the Golden Gateway Apartments -- someone on the phone sex line has already warned me about this hook-up, that he won't answer the door, but he does and then I'm examining the art in the lobby -- tan on tan on tan, lovely, and the elevators are more old-fashioned than I expected -- those buttons that light up when you touch them, but they don't depress, you know what I mean? I'm looking forward to the view from the 20th floor, if nothing else, but it turns out that I only get a view of the 2014 on his door. It's not an elegant number, really, I mean it could be but not with the font they're using.

Outside, I'm leaving him messages, his machine says Operations Manager, Sapphire Limousine, so I make it into a song – oper-a-tions mana-ger -- sapphire lim-oh-si-ine! Oper-a-tions mana-GER -- sapphire lim-o-si-ine! OP-erations ma-na-ger saph-FIRE lim-O-si-ine… it's kind of catchy, but the guy doesn't answer, I tell him I'm jerking off in the entryway and I'll leave a stain for his reign.

Who cares -- it's hilarious being in this abandoned financial district location, staring up at the buildings and the air is so fresh tonight I love it, there's even this strange park with tall trees in a circle -- it would be great for cruising, actually. To tell you the truth, walking around I'm hoping to find some adventure but nothing occurs. Most of the people outside are sleeping in storefronts, plus there are a few office drunks in suits, then lots of Latino workers heading home. A few people look me in the eyes, the first an office worker working incredibly late, then some guy with braids pulled back, but no -- just a walk. Although, to tell you the truth, the walk is great because I feel so clear.

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