Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Believing without knowing

I can't believe how long I'm waiting in the ear doctor's office, there's no clock so actually I can't believe and I don't know -- of course you can believe without knowing, just look at the way chewing gum becomes part of the sidewalk! Anyway, I'm sitting on this uncomfortable chair, eating very slowly while the guy next to me makes moaning or grunting sounds, whatever signifies disapproval I'm not even looking his way. At least I have time to eat, that's the important thing but what also feels important is this uncomfortable chair, which is especially uncomfortable after sitting in the theater last night, ouch ouch ouch ouch OUCH! It was the kind of place where you can’t get up because everything creaks, someone walked down the stairs to go to the bathroom and it was like another show -- I would've liked a show from that girl, the one I picked out in the lobby, a snide straight type on the emo side of preppy but no this wasn't a show just his green jacket from the back and the whole theater creaking my body too a mess.

So here I am at the ear doctor's office, my body a mess, the whole theater creaking no all the noise comes afterwards -- he tells me all the earrings are good for keeping the wax out, but then why all this pulling more pain in my body this time it's directed into these small holes but am I tensing everything else too? Outside, it's a hot day fading away -- I like the fading away part. Yes now my shoulders hurt too -- joining the hips as bruises, mostly I notice that several people are waiting to get their shoes shined, sitting on folding chairs in the shade and the bus comes right then I almost get on just because it's there but it's the wrong bus.

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