Friday, September 21, 2007

Nothing more sweet and symbolic

In the morning, there's so much air on the fire escape it's incredible -- the wind blowing everywhere, blowing away all the pollution in huge chilly gusts so fresh I can almost smell the ocean. Seasons are subtle in San Francisco, it's the fall air yes the fall air. But the next day I don't understand at all, suddenly I can smell all this mold in my apartment again but then I go on to the fire escape and it smells like mold there too, a different kind of mold than the usual type -- something familiar from a long time ago, what is it? But what is it doing in the air? Then it’s the smoke from the tandoori oven around the corner -- they must be doing something illegal, with all that smoke it fills my apartment -- not the smoke, I mean there's no visible smoke and my apartment’s not even facing it, just one window caddy-corner across the street but it's the aftermath of the smoke: the air is clogged. Although I'm in the back, I guess the wind blows this way or is someone in my building cooking with charcoal or kerosene?

The good news is that I'm watching the window with the two cats, though I haven't seen the orange one in a while -- right now it's the black-and-white one, then I notice another tail and yes it's another cat, turning around to the yawn in the sun and then no way -- two then four huge legs and there's a dog in the window too -- a huge dog like a German shepherd I mean I love cats, mostly I love cats but then there's nothing better or more sweet and symbolic than cats getting along with dogs, especially dogs 30 times their size, I mean it's hilarious. I'm trying to get a picture but they're all running around now and then when I give up and get ready to go back inside I notice there’s that tweaker who lives in the back apartment of the same building, naked in the window peering out at me.


D. said...

hi again pretty lady!

if you can see this picture:, it's my parents' big chocolate lab, cece (who weighs over 100 pounds), giving a bath to their cat muggles. they got the cat because he was described as dog-loving, and he is!--he taught the dog to give him baths. cute cute cute.


mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Deena, this picture sounds amazing -- but I can't see it! Do e-mail it to me if possible...

Love --