Sunday, October 14, 2007

Crisco Savage

On the bus, I'm watching these kids interact, it's a whole group of them heading up to Haight Street to buy alcohol -- I'm guessing they're pretty young and suburban, they get excited about every tag -- what does that one say? Frisco Savage -- no, man -- is that a F or a P? Dude, were in Frisco -- it's an F.

I actually think it's Crisco Savage, that's much more clever. These kids say things like: I was bombing down the street, Sam dropped his hat and someone ran over it -- remember that time when we waited and waited for the Divisadero bus, man Divisadero is a nightmare. One guy points out another one’s pink boxers, hanging below his baggy jeans with studded belt -- hey, he's wearing pink boxers! Someone else says that's not funny. The first one says I think it's funny. Another guy, this one with a Cal sweatshirt halfway over on Nike #6 jersey, a big silver ring on one of his fingers -- a smaller silver ring on the other hand -- he says I've never worn those.

The one girl there says do you guys wear each other's underwear? The one with the Cal sweatshirt says except the boxer briefs because those are all up here and all. I'm trying to figure out if he and pink-boxers-boy boyfriends or if this is some kind of straight male bonding-type-thing. They look kind of similar, a dopey kind of soft masculinity -- the one closest to me is pale with blond hair with a little bit of facial hair, a silver hoop in his left ear, who wears only one hoop these days? He's got a Burger King crown over his baseball cap, the other one is a light-skinned black guy with glowing eyes who puts on his iPod headphones and starts shaking it -- that's my song -- "Money Success Fame Glamour" -- I watched that movie five times in three days. The girl says what movie? Party Monster.

I guess if he's grooving out to the Party Monster soundtrack, well then he must be a faggot, right? It's hard to tell because they are all talking in masculinity-inflected skater speak, and I'm looking at all their bland baggy clothes wondering when something that's kind of subculture became so brand-obsessed, simultaneously expressing disaffected angst, consumer loyalty and infantilized satisfaction.

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