Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cute and comfortable in the bed, maybe

Of course I get sick -- you knew I would get sick, after my mother left. I mean after my mother left and I had sex in the backroom then danced until the bar closed, Chris came over the next day he was worried he was getting the cold he had last week again. Oh, the world of the cold -- at least I know how to take care of myself, yes back in bed, covers so close to my head yes warm I like it here. When I wake up from my nap -- this is the next day, the first day of the cold is sleeping. And writing -- that's the good news, the voice activation software is working again now that I created a new profile and I'm still writing. Nothing else could really make me better, that's the truth I think.

The next day is more sleeping, except I get outside as the sun is going down and sit on the ground with my back leaning against the bus shelter advertising because there's nowhere else to sit in the sun. It's not that comfortable, because the advertising enclosure ends maybe 8 inches from the ground so it juts into my back. I close my eyes anyway -- sure, I could fall asleep here.

I'm just glad that I didn't get sick while my mother was here -- last weekend when Chris had the cold, I canceled our plans so I wouldn't get it. Now is an okay time, I just feel weak and my body hurts more but not too much more if I just stay close to the bed, look at the bed -- the bed looks so cute and comfortable, I like the bed. Maybe I can be cute and comfortable in the bed and when I get up I'll feel cuter and more comfortable. I hope so.


steven said...

You sound cuter. Almost adorable. When I get sick, I have trouble reading things. I can't concentrate too much. But. Writing is fun. It almost becomes automatic. I like to watch television when I am sick. Especially, if I have a little fever, then everything on the television kind of scintillates. I hallucinate things like the news, and re-runs of The Love Boat.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Steven, I sound cuter -- well that's awfully sweet!

You're right about reading, I mean it becomes that way for me too and I have found myself wanting to watch movies but I don't have any movies (no TV either, but that's not a worry). Hallucinations, however -- I'm pretty good at hallucinations...

Love --