Monday, October 15, 2007

The energy of our relationship

In the kitchen, Chris comes out to me, smiling and tan -- I hug him with so much force and passion he says oh you're feeling good today you have so much energy then it's like he's in my lap, my hard-on sliding under him I wonder if he feels it until I feel his too, then I'm carrying him through all these different rooms, searching for the right place to engage entirely, we’re in the theater then backstage then an elementary school lobby, everywhere I expect fear and surprise because our movement is sex and love the whole time I'm holding him but instead of fear and surprise there's applause, people are excited to see us. But what is it we're after, downstairs in the elementary school, dark and dilapidated -- handmade doors not attached right -- someone's yelling at us from a room, at first I think we should hide in the women's room because they might not expect us there but then I think we might get arrested so I go in the men's room, I mean I carry Chris on my back into the men's room, the schoolmaster is shaking the door so I come out to face her -- she wants to have us arrested. I go back up to the lobby of my elementary school which has gotten much taller and grander and more corporate, maybe it's also the entrance to a mall. I'm at the information desk. I talk to the two security guards there -- I say the schoolmaster is filing a report, that's why I thought I would go right to you. They say it's okay, just wait here, but I tell them I have to go to a show -- I'm late -- and when I get in the theater I'm not sure if I'm still carrying Chris, I look inside my backpack but it's just other bags, I take them out one by one. I was worried I'd interrupt the show but it turns out I arrive right at the end of the introduction and the director who's a friend of mine smiles in my direction as I sit down.

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