Saturday, October 06, 2007

White noise generator hazing scene, a song about missing a girl

I don't understand why my next-door neighbor’s loud morning sex always starts right after I get up to piss and then I'm sitting there sort of awake and is that a moan? Just a moan or two, softly at first and I start to drift away but then no it's building again until they’re practically screaming no I'm practically screaming at them but actually I'm just screaming into the pillow. I need to write them and note, I keep saying I need to write them a note, but then it ruins my next day and I don't have enough energy to write a note, then I think maybe it won't happen in the morning again until oh, it's happening in the morning again.

But today I'm so excited about eating, the only problem is that my food doesn't taste that good and I can't wake up, the cold has moved to my sinuses bound and glued I'm sitting at the kitchen table looking around, let me think about things for a second: the phone's not ringing, okay I haven't organized the papers on the table yet, my eyebrows are not really in the middle of my forehead that's just pain, I like the sound of the seagulls.

The good news is the fire escape, the sun on the fire escape what would I do without a fire escape? No escape, that's for sure. Today I'm wearing a hat and scarf, is a cold because it's cold or is it cold because of the cold? I actually get outside while it's light out, I haven't been more than a block or two from my house all week so the bus is actually fun, even though it's so packed that I can hardly fit on the stairs. Some guy starts yelling: DO I HEAR... Then again: DO I HEAR... Then again: DO I HEAR...

It's like he's got a bullhorn but the bullhorn is his voice. I finally make my way up the stairs. DO I HEAR AN OBJECTION? Who is yelling -- I'm looking at the people around me to see what they think: the blond-haired SoCal tanning salon aficionado on her cellphone; the guy with his hair swept back like 1985 but not in a trendy way, no maybe it's 1989 -- DO I HEAR AN OBJECTION... TO A SONG BY THE ROLLING STONES... BY KEITH RICHARDS, KEITH RICHARDS, Keith Richards... AND THE BAND... ABOUT MISSING A GIRL.

And then he starts to sing. GOODBYE... RUBY TUESDAY... I'm looking at the guy with his hair swept back and I can't stop myself from laughing, not a giggle but a full belly laugh GOODBYE... RUBY TUESDAY, well this is the good news I like laughing. The bad news is that I turned my heat on before leaving the house, and when I get home I have to get back in bed even though I thought maybe today I wouldn't have to get back in bed and when I get up oh why do I get up? Oh, the sinus drill, what does Keith Richards have to say about the sinus drill, I'm sure there's a song for my sinus drill, a note for my neighbors I mean there's only one neighbor and then the woman he had sex with, what should the note say? Please -- any time but the morning, any any any time but my sinus sadness morning sleep drill, oil spill, air raid shelter, head melter, dirge belter blues lose cruise paid dues laid bed bed give me the bed, I just want peace in the bed underneath my white noise generator hazing scene -- have you heard that the fuel they use for cargo ships is 1000 times more polluted than standard diesel fuel -- 1000 times more polluted! How can that be possible? No wonder I have a headache.

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