Thursday, November 15, 2007

A second date

I want somewhere to be social and sexual, somewhere without smoke and sadness but I go to the Nob Hill Theatre -- at least there's no smoke there. It's almost 2 a.m., so someone's cleaning the booths -- an older guy, he says hey kid -- I kind of like that, the familial aspect. There’s the guy I hooked up with last time, but he was too tweaked really although he wanted me to suck his dick, I rub his chest and say you lost your baseball cap last time -- he's kind of friendly maybe, I whisper in his ear do you want me to suck your dick? He says I'm done for the night, I keep walking and the guy cleaning says that's a nice outfit, I like your outfit. Thanks!

The guy from last time is peering into a booth so I try it too -- it's some guy who's taken off everything but his white briefs, pumping the glory hole -- pretty hot, he's very aggressive. I go into the booth next door with the window but no hole, put in a dollar so I can watch through the window, I'm on my knees and the guy from last time comes in, he says are you watching? Yes, and he sits down next to me I'm rubbing his leg just to be friendly while watching the guy pumping, he's really loud and then he pulls to the side maybe he's coming or maybe he just came, the guy watching with me says I'm done for the night and he leaves the booth, okay. I see him go into the booth next door -- maybe to lick the come off the floor is what I'm thinking. Then this super-hot guy comes in, he's my tragic type -- fashion casualty gay masculinity passing maybe as straight the fashion hidden if you're not really looking, short dark hair with stubble, denim jacket, boots, he's standing in the hall looking through his wallet for dollars I'm staring right at him but he won't look up. He’s shortish and maybe slightly chunky, covering it all with a veneer of toughness. Then he goes into the booth with the glory hole, locks the door so I stand outside and then try watching through the crack, I can see him jerking his dick for the other guy who's saying can I go in your booth but he's not responding except to keep jerking -- I'm struck by the way his dick is illuminated in the TV glare like an ad for uncut whiteness on the US landscape, surprise! I'm sure he wants the other guy to suck it, but I don't know if he sucks -- I mean he's not doing anything, that bitch.

I do the rounds again, the super-suburban-looking guy with waxed eyebrows and a baseball caps says we met once. I say yeah I came over your house. He says yeah you had an unusual name. I say Mattilda. He says that's right. I'm Travis.

We actually had a hot time, but his drunkenness is too sloppy tonight, it's not really turning me on. I go back around to peer into the cracks and my boyfriend's still jerking or wait, he's pulling back and then the door opens, he rushes around the corner. The guy cleaning says don't you hate it when someone comes out of a glory hole booth embarrassed? I love it that he's loud, trying to make the guy more embarrassed -- most of the guys working there are quiet or they just say everyone go into a booth like they have authority and we’re pathetic. This guy's socializing -- I look him in the eyes and he is wired, but I can't tell if he's tweaking or there's just something big about his eyes, maybe medication or maybe he's just happy to see me, why can't he just be happy to see me? He says can I tell you a joke? Travis is there too, at this point. I say sure. He says what does a lesbian bring to a second date? I say I don't know. He says a U-Haul -- that's right, a U-Haul. And what does a gay man bring to a second date? I say an exterminator? He says I don't know -- he never has one. I'm laughing even though it's a cliché -- when was the last time I had a second date? Or a date?

Would it be fun to go on a date? I think it would be stressful unless I already knew I liked the person -- it would still be stressful then, but at least it would be worth it. I should leave now because I'm in a good mood -- I don't really want to have sex now anyway. I run into Travis again -- I'm going home, can I give you a hug? We hug goodbye and he says that guy’s scaring me -- he means the guy doing the cleaning. I go back around to say goodbye to him too, he's sweet I like him.


Nabil said...

I would sure like to go on a date with you, Miss Mattilda. Could I take you out for a cup of tea?

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Nabil, why yes of course -- that sounds fun -- call me any time (415) 440-1575.

Love --

Alex Blaze said...

Great post.

That's one of the things I like about bathhouses, connecting with people who are vastly different.

Oh, Travis!

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Alex, exactly -- difference, yay difference -- and all the surprises of attraction!

Love --