Sunday, November 04, 2007

To the boy on the Geary bus at Divisadero on Friday at 5:54 p.m. with short dark hair and long sideburns

I was going to say preppy boy, but then I realized that you were heading home from work and long, thick sideburns aren’t exactly preppy -- more mod, I would say. Maybe Britpop or some kind of '60s thing although why am I throwing all the silly labels around? That big square briefcase in your lap meant that it was hard to imagine sitting there, because I'd have to be on top of the briefcase and then it would be hard to balance. But don't worry -- I'm good at balancing! I mean I'd like to sit in your lap -- that's what I'm saying, when I first got on the bus I noticed your eyes trying to find me between a few other people, maybe even when I was stuck in the stairwell or maybe when I made my way up into the official part of the bus where everyone's supposed to fit, but definitely when I walked just past you to sit in the middle seat behind you, just to your left. That's when I noticed you were wearing Docksiders -- I think they were the darkest brown ones, maybe you were wearing argyle socks or some other pattern -- for some reason I can't remember what kind of pants, then your shirt with maybe white or pale blue with darker blue -- not plaid -- what do you call it when it's just one color line in squares? Whatever you call that.

Don't worry -- I like preppy boys! But why all these details -- you know what you were wearing, right? The point is your eyes, looking for my eyes oh you're so cute, the way there’s all this thick hair at the neckline of your shirt almost like you're naked with your clothes on. And you were listening to a CD player -- so much sexier than an iPod, I'll tell you that -- I like when you started singing for a second then caught yourself -- don't worry, you can sing to me!

But then it was time for me to leave the bus -- I looked back, right into your eyes and smiled with a little mischief. Did I tell you yet that I always think boys who are flirting with me are straight, so that's what I was wondering until I looked up from pulling my things together at the bus stop and you were looking right at me, which meant all the way to the right and down you wouldn't have looked that way unless you were looking for me, hi. All I'm saying is that it doesn't matter if we ever get together you already made my day happier an adventure in my head even now if I smile and close my eyes a little.


A said...

Hey Mattilda,

I loved this entry, as nobody ever looks at me on the bus (especially not here in Poland).

Hope you are well. I'm going to be in SF at the end of November, so maybe we can meet up for some tea.


mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Alex, so lovely to hear from you -- and all the way from Poland! Yes, we should definitely meet up when you're in San Francisco -- we can even make plans ahead of time, if you'd like -- you can always call me at (415) 440-1575.

Love --