Monday, December 03, 2007

A day of allergies

Now I start my day by just eating beans and vegetables, without a grain, because my head stays clearer that way. Today I start with the split peas, oh these split peas are so good until I realize my head is filling up with gloom like I should just shut my eyes and go back to bed. Maybe that’s just how I'm feeling. Until I add the quinoa, which gives me an immediate itch in my throat and nose.

Well, time for a cold shower -- since the hot water isn't working -- before heading over to Chris's house where he's made cornbread, one pot with dairy for everyone and one pot that’s vegan for me. He says the vegan one didn't turn out too well -- I try some and the bottom half is burnt, but the top half is so chewy, oh I like this. I try another piece -- how did you get it to be so chewy? Then I realize my eyes are closing no I don't need to open them I'll just stay here and feel my head yes the rush the rush the rush oh. All of this from cornbread – wow.

Chris, I say, with my eyes still closed, Chris -- I think I'm having an allergic reaction. I open my eyes and I’m laughing so hard with my head leaning back, yes the rush I'm looking at Chris with tears in my eyes, oh this is good. Chris says I think I'm getting a contact high. My hands rubbing the back of my head, yes this is the good kind of allergy yes. Of course I'm going to crash, but right now I'll just lean back -- I can't believe I'm still this allergic to corn, I mean I don't eat anything with corn in it -- nothing at all.

The next allergy is Chris's homemade coleslaw, he's very proud of it and it tastes good but I just have one bite and it's like it's clearing out my sinuses, maybe that's a good thing except for the little bumps on my tongue, I think it's because he had a garlic. Today is really a day of allergies, after dinner Chris goes outside with some kind of oven cleaner spray, I say is it very strong? He says not really, and shuts the door.

When he opens the door back up, I almost can't believe this toxic smell overwhelming everything my eyes tearing but not in the good way, Chris says why don't we go in the other room and open the windows. I'm laughing again, this time in disbelief I mean I can't believe how awful that smelled like pouring a can of gasoline all over the floor. I have one hand on my chest because I'm kind of in shock. Chris says it must be the fragrance, because it's not that toxic it's just lye. I say maybe I'm allergic to lye, he says it's just soap but maybe the fragrance. We go back in the kitchen but I still can't go back in the kitchen, I stay in the living room while Chris does the dishes. Then we go in Chris's room and talk while I'm sitting in the chair and he's lying in bed, it's the end of his day I mean time for him to go to sleep so we're hugging goodbye and he says you're doing that thing that you always do before you go, where you stand on one foot and then the other and your face gets all red, I think you're allergic to something.

I start laughing and then Chris is laughing and this is my favorite thing we do together -- I think I'm just allergic to leaving, although now that I think about it my jaw really does hurt. I mean a lot. And I'm getting a few hives on the side of my face, Chris says he's getting hives all over his body tonight he's going to have to use cortisone cream. Why do our allergies work off one another? Or maybe it's just awareness.

Back at home, everything smells like rotten eggs -- does mold smell like rotten eggs, or has someone been cooking? I mean the people downstairs do like eggs a lot. I turn on the oven just in case it’s mold, because maybe the oven helps to dry things out. Then I'm sitting in the kitchen thinking my sinus headache is starting, but actually it's not just in the front but on all sides, especially the back where it's pounding. Is this the mold, or wait -- I think it's the gas from the stove. I turn on the air purifier for the first time since I decided it just blows dust around -- maybe it'll work right now because the windows are closed. I start to get an itch in my throat, that feeling where I just keep swallowing and swallowing like I'm trying to swallow my own throat -- oh, I guess that's from the air purifier.

Maybe I'm getting more sensitive to everything, or maybe today’s just a bad day for allergies -- I was going to write about seasonal affective disorder, because mine has certainly kicked in, actually I didn't think I could write about anything else except seasonal affective disorder, but then I thought about all the allergies.

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