Friday, December 07, 2007

Maybe just because of this B-12 and I'll probably crash any moment

Okay, so I'm counting the days until I can see that doctor, the doctor I made an appointment with it's not till next Tuesday! But I just got some B-12 sublingual tablets, and honey -- I mean, what can I say except more! More. And more.

No, really -- I only took one. But it truly gave me a boost, that's a sign that your B-12 is sinking down low blinking help -- I know, not your B-12 – my B-12. Vegans generally have low B-12 because you get it from meat meat meat, so when the doctor said my B-12 was low I didn't think much of it, but I figured I'd try the sublingual tablets anyway. Well, hello!

Oh, hello. But, really -- I'm looking forward to the doctor's appointment, to find out the treatment regimen for my low thyroid drama, just so I have something concrete to work on, please something that works but even just something to work on that will maybe work, that helps too! Well, until it's not working. But maybe this will be different, can we say different please give me different, please.

Well, you know the rest. The rain, I can't say that I like getting caught in it, but oh the air it's like a whole different world. I've never understood the difference between that gorgeous soft cool brisk loveliness of moist and cold, compared to that putrid claustrophobic annihilating stickiness of moist and warm -- I mean I understand the difference, but how the hell does it work? I mean, how can it be snowing but the air is so dry and invigorating, or that's a terrible example because it never snows here, I mean only once in a long long while and that's not a good sign.

Okay, a better example -- yesterday I walked outside and thought the air would be splendid but instead it was gooey and filled with pollution -- what we call humidity, like the East Coast oh how I hate the East Coast! Don't worry -- I'm aware that sometimes I'm giving East Coast too, but one thing I learned from my last time living over there is that there’s some truth to that East Coast/West Coast divide and honey, keep me over here, okay? But my point is that then today the air is so clear, it's almost the same weather except what causes the humidity if it's not just the moisture, the moisture in the air, because when the fog rolls in it’s delicious and invigorating but then there’s that other type of gray we're getting more and more thanks to the global warming catastrophe, and that just stuffs me up and knocks me out like nothing is possible.

Did you hear that -- I guess I'm saying that something feels possible now, maybe just because of this B-12 and I'll probably crash any moment please hold my hand and tell me I'm special, okay? There's something in the air, take a deep breath and hold it take a deep breath take a deep breath take a deep breath and hold it take a deep breath. Strange -- I just looked at my chin and thought oh, there’s blood -- where did that come from? Then I realized it must be residue from the beets I just ate, but when I licked it off it still tasted like blood. The B-12 tablets are red too, actually, wait my whole face is red like beets like B-12 like beef like lipstick like laryngitis like spaghetti sauce like roses like radish like red dress like stop -- okay, I'm just kidding. Here comes the sinus headache I think it's time to go outside for more fresh air yes air.

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