Sunday, January 27, 2008

One of the things that I'm sad about today...

Hi Heather --

Unfortunately I'm having a chronic pain emergency --
luckily I can still write, because I use voice
activation software, but turning the pages of a book
gives me shooting pains up and down my arms, so I'm
going to have to take a month off from reading. Then
things should hopefully get better.

I was really looking forward to reviewing Beyond
(Straight and Gay) Marriage for AlterNet, but
unfortunately, given my pain catastrophe, I wouldn't
be able to do it until the end of March (instead of
the February 9 deadline we agreed upon). Of course I
understand this may be way too late, but do let me
know either way. In any case, I look forward to
working with you in the future!

Thanks so much, and my apologies --

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