Friday, January 04, 2008

Sometimes everything works out and the air is like candy

I need to go somewhere to get away from this headache, outside I guess except outside is cold and windy and intermittently pouring, I can't believe I'm thinking of going to Blow Buddies again I mean I can believe it I just wish there were somewhere else without the risk of smoke exposure, actually last time at Blow Buddies destroyed my sinuses anyway, maybe it was the heat? It's funny, I just thought that I can't go to Blow Buddies because today I didn't do my hair, I just put a hat on and made a big curl, not that anyone at Blow Buddies is excited about my hair anyway. I guess I've been hornier lately, hornier and more desperate to find some kind of escape which is maybe the same thing and maybe something else.

I walk in the door at Blow Buddies and the guy at the coat checks says what are you doing here? He means what am I doing here on a Thursday, I say I don't know. He says to the other guy working: I bet he's going to hook up with the cute little shag boy.

So then I know who to look for. I can't find him, so I'm playing with some guys up above the glory holes, I mean I'm not that into them but whatever, the guy with the beard is smiling at me I like that. Then I'm walking to the side and there he is, this short guy with a shag and a plaid shirt, kind of mod, I grab him right away we're making out until he turns away, why do they turn away I guess it's something about wondering where your mouth has been, well honey it's being here with you! He tastes like smoke, I don't care he’s sucking my dick then I'm sucking his and then where is he going? I hug him from behind and say let's go in a little room and start moving him in that direction, kissing his neck he says what time is it? I say time to go in a little room, and I open the door, and then he’s sucking my dick, he's tiny actually like a pixie with a pointy chin. Then I'm sucking his dick, so big on his little body that's always hot I'm looking up until he pulls me up and then he's jerking my dick too fast, what is this thing where someone touches me for a second and I'm already ready to come -- I mean that was happening earlier, even with the guys I wasn't attracted to. Probably it's because there's so much less touch in my life, but sometimes I wonder if it's something about aging -- I always thought it took longer to come when you were older, but maybe I was wrong. Anyway, it turns out this guy is ready to come that's why he's jerking so fast I say where do you want it but at the same time I'm back on my knees and he comes right in my face, on my shirt wow that's hot I stand up ready to shoot right then he steps back and then I'm trying to kiss him but he’s turning away, I say it's your come! He says you're crazy. He has a cute giggle and his voice is queeny, I'm kissing his neck anyway, I say at least give me a hug, he hugs me from the side, I say that's not a hug!

Why do these girls always think I'm crazy? Back at the coat check, I say you were right, look at this, thanks for the heads up -- otherwise I wouldn't have known who to look for -- I point to the come on my shirt, the guy says it's not fair, why do all the hot guys get to have sex while I'm stuck here? I say you get to go and breaks, right? He says that's never done me any good. I thought I would make him happy my thanking him, but actually he looks drearier.

Outside it's raining and I love it, rain is so great when you’re not in a hurry, and it doesn't matter if all your clothes are wet because it's the end of the night and you're going home. I probably should get in a cab right away, because otherwise I won't get a cab, but I keep walking and then I was right there are no cabs so I just keep walking, slower so I don't hurt myself but I love the rain dripping down my face the fresh air. When I get back to my apartment, I even decide to go back downstairs without my hat, so that I can feel the rain more, but it's not really raining anymore although still the street is deserted the wind is gusting and the air is like candy if candy could only be like this.


D. said...

look at you, so pretty in your outfit! go, girl!


grantatee said...

you are sooo cute.

Brina said...

That's a great story. Cute hat and scarf btw!

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Oh, yay -- everyone likes this story and outfit, all of you are too too too sweet!

Love --

RJ March said...

looks more like pea soup to me

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Well, when it dries...