Friday, January 25, 2008

Wait -- fun from craigslist -- who knew?

He liked joking while we were having sex, because after the other guy left I kept saying shh, no whispering -- the other guy wanted both of us to come in his mouth, and we were ready to oblige, but I don't think he liked that we were getting along, it was supposed to be about him, but by the time he'd arrived we'd already sucked each others' dicks and made out we were naked and hard what more could he want?

But anyway, he left and this guy was about to come, he said just let me know when you're ready but I was taking much longer so I sped up for him but not too much and then there was a lot of come and we were joking and I liked the art in the bathroom but it was from Urban Outfitters. We talked about Alaska. He called me cutie.

And he liked my name.

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