Friday, February 22, 2008

Not quite LA realness

The good news about the Melrose Spa is that I catch the bus there, I’m not even looking for a bus I’m looking for a cab but then the bus arrives. Then I get there and it’s depressing, I can’t really figure out why anyone would hang out there and apparently everyone else thinks so too, I mean everyone who isn’t there, which is pretty much everyone it looks like. Then I’m upstairs on the glory hole runway, by myself, staring at the red lightbulb in a cage and listening to some song about liberation, you know bang bang booty rub on it ooh oooh ooooh booty booty bang bang, something like that. And I start dancing a little, until someone’s shining a flashlight around and I figure maybe it’s the cleaning staff.

Is someone really smoking in here? I’m staring right at the red ember in front of lips inhaling, this guy sitting in his room with the door open just like that it’s so brazen I almost don’t believe it. Then I’m getting ready to leave, but the guy working says wait for this guy so I’m curious and he’s right, this guy is hot, I hug him from behind and kiss his neck while he’s on the way to the shower and then I check on him again, still wet, but he says he’s just going to hang out in the whirlpool, it’s so so cold outside. The whirlpool is the scariest thing in this place, I’m not going near it. But I appreciate that the employee gave me the hot tip -- that’s caring, once in a while it actually helps to be friendly to people! I tip him on the way out, he says there’s a list of the most crowded times in the intro packet he handed me, which also includes condoms and lube and a peppermint. And more good news -- you won’t believe this, but I catch the bus again.

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