Monday, February 11, 2008

Tonight is a night of hugs I like tonight

I never think I'm going to Blow Buddies for the music, but then I get there and oh, the music. This time I'm thinking wait, this is my culture that pounding bass those machine sounds the repetition the drum the build the banging I mean this music is part of my history my way of existing in the world I'm missing it. So that's what puts me in the mood where I'm walking around hugging people, especially this guy who keeps grabbing my dick but then I move his hands away and kiss his neck, it's kind of funny, plus the music is making me jump around corners I like jumping.

I come way too fast because it's been 2 1/2 weeks, then I'm talking to this guy with curly hair about Orlando, he lived there all his life, and then the music changes to fake disco, then bad pop, then -- what is this called? Shit, the guy says. Oh, he understands!

Then I'm marveling at the paper towel the guy who sucked my dick gave me, he was the guy who was following me around who I kept hugging, especially when I was hugging guys who were standing at the glory holes. From behind I always like kissing their necks and rubbing their heads and then this guy was trying to get at my dick I had to impressed up against a wall while I was rubbing someone else's head, maybe it helped that she was much shorter. But eventually he ended up sucking my dick and then I came too fast and then he gave me a paper towel. So I'm marveling at the paper towel because it's so supple and stretchy -- I want to ask that guy if he brought it from home. The guy from Orlando says it must be a gift for Chinese New Year, and it is Chinese New Year, but I think he's actually saying something racist about the guy who was sucking my dick, since that guy was Asian.

I'm exhausted, closing my eyes upstairs and there are these great lights illuminating my dreamland, I don't remember these lights. I open my eyes -- oh, it's when the disco ball hits a certain angle and it flashes into my eyes. I go downstairs and meditate in the porn room, I'm not sure if it's working until I get up and oh, I feel so calm, even with all this bad music I'm walking differently, slower my feet into the ground I mean the floor and I go right up to the new guy who I'm hot for, give him a hug and kiss his neck he says what are you up to? What does that mean -- I say what are you up to? He says I'm just hanging out.

I start laughing, really hard, because this isn't the internet this is a sex club -- you can't say I'm just hanging out. Someone runs right into me but then stretches his arms out into a hug, tonight is a night of hugs I like tonight – oh, it's the cute queeny guy who works the coat check. Then I'm in one of the group alcoves, this guy’s fucking someone's face I'm holding him from behind, but then he's holding me from behind which means I'm the guy fucking someone's face, this other guy's dick at my asshole until there's some moving around because the guy doing the sucking is exhausted, his legs hurt he’s laughing I like laughing. So then I'm sucking the first guy's dick he's got his hands on my neck which is great but what’s also great is that just when I start to feel uncomfortable then I stand up. I mean uncomfortable physically, like maybe my neck will start to hurt but you know, I like it when they take control and I've got to make it work I'm a service dog opening wide for Mary’s bone. But really I need a break too so my body doesn't hurt. So I'm taking a break, I like breaks, and then I realize it's already 3 a.m. it's time to go home and at home I feel calm, much calmer than before.

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