Sunday, March 30, 2008

My head pulls up with the rest of my body almost like floating

I think this might be the best feldenkrais session ever, especially because I'm able to do this new movement where I pull myself up by imagining a transparent paper-thin plane dividing me into two sides, then I bend my knees how and place the soles of my feet together to follow the plane and when I release my legs my head pulls up with the rest of my body almost like floating. When I leave I feel so much more hopeful. On my way to the bus, my walk feels different, falling forward like Donna recommends but this time it doesn't feel messy or confused, instead things feel aligned more upright not sloppy I'm trying to remember what this feels like.

I go to a play with Grant, a one-act Noel Coward play at a theater where the whole place feels like part of the show, part of the farce and the merriment and the spectacle. There are two other acts following this play but we leave after the first one, I'd like to stay for the rest but my shoulders are starting to hurt I'm glad I'm taking care of myself. Then the 27 shows up practically right when we get to the stop, it's so seamless that I'm worried something's wrong. It's not a bad thing when feldenkrais makes you exhausted that means your body is learning but today I don't really feel exhausted, which is even better. As soon as I sit down in the kitchen, then I realize oh there, there it is but still I'm calm I'll just rest.

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