Friday, March 28, 2008

No way to start

These days I've been taking a lot of showers -- showers relax my body, but kind of dry out my skin. Days like today, after no no no not another night of that's not sleep it's something I do in my bed in my head I'm dreaming of sleeping no dreaming of sleeping would at least be sleeping instead I'm dreaming of trying to sleep no I'm sleeping now wait. Then it leads to these times when thoughts are difficult I mean it seems fine when I'm focused on something but as soon as I relax its over. I guess that means I'm over. I mean there was so much I wanted to say -- I even had a beginning, and an endpoint, and then a different beginning, and a different endpoint, but then I called Grant to see if he wanted to go to a show tomorrow, a Noel Coward play at this theater that sounds interesting and strange, and I could hardly even speak, I mean my words started but ended wrong and then I couldn't do much but laugh and that was fine, I like laughing. Until I got this shooting pain in my right arm, why my right arm -- what was I doing with my right arm? But still I had a beginning, and an endpoint, but now I can only remember the middle and that's no way to start.


grantatee said...

however you are is perfect.

looking forward to tonight,

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Perfect? No, you don't really mean perfect?

See you soon!

Love --