Thursday, April 24, 2008

At least I can still have hot sex in my dreams

So hot I'm sweating in the sheets just outside of my dreams except wait I'm always sweating in bed. But in the dream I'm standing outside somewhere in the sun actually it's at pride but that sounds ridiculous the point is it's in the sun and I say something to him he says that I'd have to be sucking your dick. I say that sounds good, we're up against a wall at the Castro Theatre all this gay imagery only in my dreams but I don't realize that all I realize is my hands on his chest down to his dick already hard, his hands in the same place on me I'm wondering if I'm getting hard I reach over to see, okay, and then we're both sucking each others' dicks at the same time, while we're standing out in the sun right all my sex takes place standing anyway but this is standing and it's in my bed so it's more relaxing standing outside in the sun where everyone's around and everyone's watching but not watching I don't mean they’re sketchy and pretending not to watch just that we're part of the scenery something special but not scandalous it's our arms around each other and when I start to wake up I wonder: should I come? I mean here in this bed but that sounds too messy, I try to go back in the dream but I'm in another dream still I want to remember his name, just in case there's some intersection between my dreams and the world around me I mean I can't say that it's happened before but just in case his name’s Aram.

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