Thursday, April 17, 2008

Only one choice

Waking up into a head filled with allergies, nose dried out from too much sniffling it's even in my voice the way sleep interrupted doesn't equal sleep. I mean rest. At least I fall back into something from the wired thoughts intertwining plots that seem so crucial now I can't remember maybe that's good. I'm appreciating the new morning strategy, which is to start with music rather than news, music can bring me out of the clog in my head into something the way daylight's supposed to feel. Except to me it feels like night, the best part of night maybe that's daylight too. The key is to turn it off just before I get wired, wired before food equals pure crazed madness.

The good thing about the five months of the year that start right around now is that I can actually get out of the house to go somewhere, and when I leave to come home it's still light out, I'm out in the sun yes the evening sun and then I get the new homeopathic remedy in the mail and it kind of clears my head, not like the last two that have just made me sad. Maybe tired too, tired and sad doesn't bring me more rest and then the clarity fades or maybe it doesn't fade it's just that there's only one choice: the bed, yes the bed I love this bed so comfortable with the covers wrapped around me not like when I go to sleep because then I get too warm. This way it’s both comforters and even a towel wrapped around my head for more warmth. The bed even helps, for a few minutes at least.

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