Sunday, April 27, 2008

Outside at 2 a.m. on a Saturday

There are so many people on some corners that it's like a street party -- on one corner, really butch straight guys hugging each other really really tight like as long as it's too tight it's okay. On the next corner, someone's trying to eat a slice of pizza, but the cheese is sticking to the plate and he can't figure it out, he keeps pulling and pulling the cheese like silly putty. Next door, so many mod fashionistas and fashion casualties. What's the difference? You decide!

It's all a hilarious spectacle until someone smokes in my face, but then I notice that there's a smiley-face balloon in the entryway to one of the pot clubs, bouncing against a rainbow flag, and through the window I glimpse a chandelier, yes really a chandelier! Actually that was at the beginning of my walk, but it works better here, just before some skater guy with long hair comes up to me and says sorry about that -- I'm not sure what he’s sorry about. I mean he's a skater guy because he's actually carrying a skateboard, he keeps asking his friend to push, push! It's my birthday, he says, and you know why I'm excited? I'm excited because it's my birthday!

But wait -- I almost forgot about the probably newly-styley woman swaying in a patterned white skirt with knee boots and a shiny red jacket and big dangly blue plastic earrings who hands me a framed photo right at the beginning, and says do you want this? I study it: I say did you take it? She says no, I bought it at a party for five dollars. There's someone in the foreground who looks familiar, I say is his name Ryan? She says I don't know, but he's a great artist. I say you're right, even though I don't know what his art is maybe it's this photo. I say but I don't think I would use it, thanks though. As she turns to go, she says bye beautiful, so how couldn’t I be in a good mood? Or not beautiful, but something that means beautiful plus risky, I'm trying to remember that word.

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