Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The problem with awareness

The problem with awareness is that now I can tell when my clothing is making my body hurt. Like, how the coat that I thought was the most comfortable -- the blue tapestry coat -- actually makes me hold my shoulders up high, which is something I always do, but in that coat I can't let them go. My t-shirts make my chest hurt, the tendons in my neck burn. The red sweater hurts my wrists. All of my French-cuff shirts hold my chest too upright. My shoes are always too tight or too loose. Even the yellow wool sweater, the one that I thought was the most comfortable, even that one gives me pain.

Unfortunately, I can't really deal with the idea of wearing sweatshirts or something loose and blousy all the time, and anyway that would probably start hurting me soon enough so I guess the important thing is to note the pain and to be aware of it, try to release the tension when possible, change out of my clothes when I'm at home, move around and not get stuck.

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