Sunday, April 06, 2008

This pressure here, this pressure I feel so relaxed

Back at Blow Buddies, I'm eating peanuts, and these peanuts are great. In the other corner of the video room there’s that hot guy again -- where did he disappear to? I looked everywhere for him, and he should be relatively easy to spot since he's the only person wearing a jacket. He's staring up at the porn while I'm staring over at him, but he doesn't budge. I look at the porn: someone’s sucking cock, so I'm guessing that's what he wants to do, although maybe that's just because that's what I'm ready for. I already did my share of sucking, now I'm tired but I didn't come because I wasn't really feeling that excited -- I mean, there were times when I could’ve come but the guy sucking my dick wasn't doing a good job and I hate coming when I'm not totally turned on. Then I was sucking that other guy's dick and it was one of those dicks that you can feel stretching your jaw, I mean that's what I could feel and I know that's when it's going to give me pain later -- in the past, I would just welcome the challenge, bring it on, but this time I show him my talents with four movements from head to base but then take a break.

I guess that's where I am now, this guy drinks a lot of coffee so maybe that's why he's so nervous I mean maybe it's making him more nervous -- I would've thought crystal, but he's already had at least three cups of coffee, which seems like a lot unless the crystal is ending and it's only Friday so it shouldn't be ending yet, oh there he goes again -- I guess I'll follow at a discreet distance. Oh -- this time he's going outside, I'll wait a moment so I look like I just happened upon him, right?

Out in the back, I realize oh, he's the guy from upstairs who was standing in one of the little rooms jerking off, ridiculously hard but motioning anyone away who tried to go for him, I get it. In the video room, his big eyes made him look all innocent but up closer there are creases in his face, which makes him sexy in a different way it's just me and him outside, and a couple over in the corner, I say how are you doing? He's got that angry masculinity that makes me think he might not respond, and he's smoking, but he actually looks sort of happy that I've said something, or happy might be stretching it but he looks pleased. He says I'm all right, are you having fun? I say I guess so-- there are plenty of peanuts for me to eat. He says for me it's coffee, and then he's done with his cigarette so he gets ready to go inside, I mean he goes inside and then I work the runway again, visiting the glory hole area which is empty now I guess it's getting late, around the corner and there he is against the wall, talking to an older guy I squeeze his shoulder in a friendly way and keep walking.

Rounding the corner, no way could it really have helped for me to be friendly? I mean I'm always friendly, but it doesn't usually do anything with the standoffish types I lean against the garage door that's the back wall, the reason the smell of smoke always filters in. He walks by all grim and I say do you want a hug? He looks surprised -- he says yeah, actually I do. It's a nice hug and then he looks like he's going to keep walking, I say how about another hug? And then he's leaning against the garage wall, I'm kissing his neck it's a totally different feeling than earlier when I was kissing some other guy, because with that guy I was experiencing his passion but not necessarily mine -- with this guy it's like I'm ready to become part of his body he says what are you into? I say anything you want.

The next part is trying to find the right place, the right place where he'll be comfortable I say do you like it out here in public or would you prefer to go into a little room -- I'm asking because I don't want him to get scared and run away when other people try to join us. He says I guess I'd prefer private, then we're in the corner booth and another hug and I'm kissing his neck again he's one of those guys who doesn't know what to do exactly I don't know if it's nerves or nerves plus coffee or nerves plus coffee plus crystal or nerves plus coffee plus crystal plus closet but I say what are you into, echoing his question and he says I like getting my dick sucked.

Guess I was wrong about what he was excited about earlier, that beam from the video screen to his eyes one continuous channel. I say do you want me to do that now, but first I'm rubbing his chest, lips feeling the individual hairs he's moaning I'm pressing my face into his belly, hands undoing his jeans then cupping his balls like I'm not even aware of this pressure here, this pressure I feel so relaxed. Then taking my time with his dick which arches like it's going around the corner and stays completely hard the whole time, makes me think nerves plus coffee plus closet but maybe not crystal or maybe he's one of the lucky unlucky ones where crystal doesn't become the brain body pounding for desire but not blood to that particular area or maybe it's nerves plus coffee plus crystal plus closet plus Viagra, doesn't matter I just like the way he looks down at me the whole time, the whole time as I'm holding his hands or rubbing his belly or squeezing his thighs and then I'm standing up to take a break he says thanks, that was great, I say we can keep going and I hug him again but he's pulling up his pants I say do you want to hold me while I jerk off and he says yeah, all excited he's hugging me from behind I pull out my dick maybe twenty seconds and I'm shooting just like that, of course there was all that time holding it earlier on but still I'm barely hard, can't help assessing the show you know once a hooker always a hooker I don't know if that's true but I know what's true is that I can rarely let go of performance, especially when I'm coming it's three or four thrusts and come all the way to the wall, that's the way I like it but I'm squeezing my dick extra-tight just so it'll look harder. This guy's still hugging me he says that was hot, that was really hot. I say you're really hot. He says you're really hot too, see you around. I say I hope so -- I'm going to leave now, but I hope so. I want him to ask me for my number, even though I doubt he'll call, which is why I don't offer it. Afterwards it feels warmer outside, like I've removed the chill from my body.


shaww said...

THAT was hot

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Aw, thank you darling.

Love --

michael said...

wow, "nerves plus coffee plus crystal plus closet"? damn, girl! keep it coming!

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Michael, so glad you like that combination :)

Love --