Monday, May 05, 2008

Holding on

I'm holding on to this dream, this dream where I'm hugging this guy in my bed, he's late for work or to meet his boyfriend or we're at his work or maybe my work it’s a supermarket but we're in my bed and I just came, I tried not to get it on him because he's late for work or to meet his boyfriend, right? And he's wearing this cute blue velvet short-sleeved shirt and where the velvet is worn it changes color and you can see the threads I have one too he showed me where to get it. Anyway my come gets all over the sheets and he leans back, the come onto his shirt and he starts crying I'm hugging him and the come what's wrong I can wash the shirt for you right now it won't stain you can borrow mine. But he’s crying because he's not in love with his boyfriend and waking up I’m holding on to the feeling of hugging him in all this emotion.

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