Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Robert Glück says: obsession comes from a fear of death, you're putting something between you and death.

(From "Passing on the Pen," an event with Kevin Killian and Robert Glück, hosted by Michael Nava last night at the GLBT Historical Society)


grantatee said...

I recently read a piece that Michael Nava wrote about masculinity in 'love, castro street.'

he wrote:

'Many of my closest friends have been fierce women, like the band of radical lesbians I knew in college, who, though officially committed to destroying the patriarchy, took me on as a kind of mascot. At a poetry reading, one of them read a poem that urged women to strangle their male fetuses with their umbilical cords. After she read the line, she paused, looked up at me, smiled, and said, 'Except Michael.' I came to believe that women were better humans than men, and to feel guilty about the destructiveness of my gender. I felt, for awhile, almost apologetic for being male. As I approached the end of my thirties, though, something in me changed. I began to feel that men were more than despoilers of civilization. There was a masculine power and energy that, at its best, showed up as a kind of bravery- 'grace under pressure' that old fraud hemmingway called it, but he was onto something. somewhere along the line- in the sickrooms of friends, in the rooms of recovery, siting at the blank screen of a computer- I was forced to recognize that even I possessed a measure of this masculine grace, this bravery.


I kind of thought that was sweet,


mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

That is sweet -- you're right, thanks for sharing it!

Love --