Monday, May 12, 2008

These intense eyes

First I'm thinking he gave me the wrong address because there is no 1252, but then I realize I'm walking in the wrong direction. Such a different San Francisco over here only 15 blocks from my apartment it's groups of big tall drunk white guys with broad shoulders or giggling women with long straight hair and heels, or wait at this bar it's all Asian people but same general idea. This guy said the buzzer isn't working, call me from downstairs, but maybe he gave me a fake number, did I have a trick with a fake number on this corner once? But wait there he is waiting outside, and he's cute too, of course he looks older than the picture I appreciate the signs of aging in his face it means I'm not the only one. We walk inside and I lean over to kiss him in the elevator, at first I'm not sure what boundaries he might have since his ad was all about being on his knees and sucking cock, he would be naked and waiting but then he realized the buzzer wasn't working, he'd have to come down to let me in.

He kisses me back, these intense eyes so I push him against the elevator wall and we're making out which is just great and then the elevator door opens, it's one of those ‘60s ‘70s ‘80s buildings that I never understand why anyone would’ve built all cement and suburban sameness, inside beige carpet I say where do I go? He puts porn on the computer, says it's more fun here, here is a very plus shag rug over the carpet and an ‘80s sectional sofa, I never understand people who live in apartments with nothing on the walls, really nothing -- this isn't his place, it's a friend’s the friend is out of town or that's what he said in the email It's all about grabbing his head and making out again, he's undoing the buttons on my sweater then his pants normally I might go right for his dick since it’s out but I'm unsure about etiquette I mean his ad was all about sucking. But really what I want is the making out yes making out and grabbing him tight biting his neck chin pulling his lips down with my lips licking teeth and back to tongue grinding up against him it's this space where I get aggressive I mean starting right in the elevator I like this space.

Then he's sucking my dick I'm trying not to watch the porn but it's right there some guy with one of those baseball bat dicks really a baseball bat I close my eyes at some point I'm close to coming I pull him up to make out again, my hands in his wavy hair messing it up I'm thinking would I want him to mess up my hair that much but it feels good anyway, then I'm sitting on the sofa oh it's soft and there’s his dick so I go for it, good he likes that too all moans and I look up at his eyes watching me then watching the ceiling then watching me he's really thrusting going all the way just pounding it makes me appreciate the size of his dick not too large I mean I like them too large too but this is fun it's a different kind of pounding a comfort without struggling to find comfort. At some point he pulls my head away, I reach for his balls he says no don't touch me, then there's a stream of come on my face wow a stream.

I like that his dick is back in my mouth it’s still hard and then he’s on the sofa I'm fucking his face in all these different ways like grabbing the edge of the kitchen counter which is in front of me but then I need to pull a pillow up so he doesn't hurt his head. He's panting I keep pulling back for more hugs squeezing his body no hair on his chest it's waxed or electrolysized which looks kind of strange but it feels soft and then back to fucking his face I like that he keeps his eyes open to look in my eyes I like that intensity I keep pulling back even though I can tell he's getting tired I like staying in this space. Until he says I want you to come, head at the top of the sofa looking at me and there's my come in big sticky clumps all over his face, he's jerking faster and his come in a stream a different texture more liquid than mine all thick and gooey he says boys are messy. Which makes me wonder who else he has sex with.

He asks for the towel, the towel on the floor I hand it to him, kiss his lips. Coming was for him really now I'm crashing, all those moments right before were holding the sky now I'm down here really down I kiss him again he's standing up I say give me a hug! So then he hugs me, I say do you really live here, or are you visiting? He says I live here, I mean I'm moving here in July -- this is my friend’s place, he's out of town -- I'm here for a conference. I say what kind of conference?

Have you heard of Landmark? I don't say yes, it's a cult are you in that cult? I just say yes. He says the training goes from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and they won't let you bring coffee in. I say because it's a stimulant? He says I thought that too, but actually it's so you don't get it on the rug or spill it on anyone. Spill it on anyone?

In the bathroom I realize oh, here's the bedroom -- because you enter through the bathroom, that's strange. It's carpeted too, but there are big windows -- are there windows on both sides of this apartment? I'm kissing this guy goodbye, door open and some very straight guy walks by but no one's embarrassed, I like that. Down the stairs and into a courtyard with all these trees -- oh, this is nice, I guess that's what's good about this type of building. Then I realize I'm locked in the courtyard, all the gates require a passcard but luckily I brought my phone since the doorbell wasn't working -- otherwise I'd have to yell and some weird yuppies would come down and say how'd you get here?

Oh -- I just had sex with some guy who's staying at his friend's house but the friend’s out of town, I don't know which apartment it was because the buzzer at the gate wasn't working. But he answers -- I'm worried I'm bothering him, because he was about to go to bed, but when he comes down in sweatpants without a shirt he's still friendly and he smiles and I squeeze him and we kiss goodbye again.