Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wait, I can't believe I haven't plugged the latest issue of make/shift!

You know what it is -- I have to ration my reading because that's what hurts my hands the most and lately I've been doing a lot of editing, right now I have six days to go through the whole manuscript for So Many Ways to Sleep Badly, oh no the way publishing works with chronic pain!

But I guarantee this issue of make/shift is brilliant -- Jessica Hoffmann's letter to white feminists is an instant classic, Jessica Lawless's critique of The Gendercator brings institutional accountability into the mix, and what about Brownfemipower's call for "creative alliances through shared criminality?" The introductory articles include a piece on birth attendants in prisons, a critique of "gender-responsive prisons," and a piece on the first-ever national gathering of trans and gender-nonconforming former prisoners -- that's just in the first few pages!

Oh, and my column, "All That Sheltering Emptiness," is one of the most intense pieces I've ever written -- I also did an interview with the directors of Homotopia -- and I'd love to hear what you think of my reviews section!

And, there are interviews with Mia Mingus and Alexis Giraldo, new fiction by the incredible Masha Tupitsyn, and a political memoir by Mariana Ruiz Firmat that links environmental justice to reproductive health. Daria Yudacufski conducts Malaleche’s last interview as a collective, and, as always, there are new columns by Randa Jarrar, Erin Aubry Kaplan, Nomy Lamm, and myself, as well as extensive book, film, and event reviews (the above-mentioned reviews section!)

And don't forget that subscriptions help keep the magazine going...

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